Agnes Aves

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Crafted selector and visual artist, born and raised in Constanța, Romania, now based in Bucharest. Coming from a barren post-communist background, under the tutelage of open-minded parents, she studied piano in her formative years and became an aficionada of music and hidden gems.

While involved in various local projects through time, she is new to the DJ scene. Her latest NOED imprint (No One Ever Dances podcast and event series) aims to showcase a spectrum of leftfield DJ sets and live acts, ranging from pulsing techno to experimental, balearic and spoken-word.

Her DJ sets merge bold, obscure sounds with moving vocals, never falling under a particular spectre, merging post-punk, psychedelia, underground techno, world music, krautrock, mutant disco and bizarre experiments. Don’t be startled if you find yourself dancing to tropical rhythms only to suddenly feel the Siberian breeze hitting you in the face.

Agnes now has her own monthy radio show on french based LyL Radio.


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