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ALT 0718

Alexis Le-Tan is one of the most consistent record collectors come DJ slash compiler and editor supreme of the Parisian underground. Solo, he has delivered much sought after oddball versions under the guises of ALT or Alexis Le-Fan (Bahnsteig 23, Crowdspacer, Les Edits du Golem, Future Times, Black Disco, etc.) and is the purveyor of envelope pushing mixes for the likes of [1], Noise In My Head, Test Pressing amongst many others …. A father of two Alexis’ appetite for music is insatiable and he still playlists 30 new releases every months on [2].

Master of the bent, incanter of the psyched-out, purveyor of the leftfield as, anyone who knows him will tell you, there is something slightly off with Alexis. A readiness to unsettle, solidly camped behind tainted glasses and a belligerent smile the kind only the violently caustic can muster.

Such saltiness, however, did not prevent him from undertaking influential music collaborations, first as a co-selector of obscure cosmic and library music, Space Oddities which he picked in conjunction with Jess, of Jess & Crabbe fame. But also as concept band, Full Circle besides Crowdspacer founder Joakim. Alexis is also praised for his exciting back to back Dj sets among which his collabs with french disco apostle Vidal Benjamin, Vladimir Ivkovic or Misha Hollenbach and 2ManyDJ’s are amongst the most resounding.

From the halcyon days of Goa parties and the UK’s rave scene to the noughties’ specific blend of electro, disco and techno, it took twenty formative years for Alexis to fully establish his ever so distinctive signature sound: a mixture of all things slow and mental always with a touch of trance in a very cosmic ascension to uncompromising originality.

It sounds more complicated than it is and his monthly radio show on LYL ( will give you a good grasp of the cottonous splendor Alexis’ style has come to.


Labels : Crowdspacer / Bahnsteig 23 / Born Bad

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