Described as a love affair with machines and human error Berlin based Producer/Dj Douglas Lee’s project ‘An-i is the outcome of melding the aesthetics of 80’s minimal synth and punk attitudes alongside the thumping forward momentum of techno. Born in California in the mid 70’s Lee grew up listening to Punk and Experimental music, later gaining reputation as a Dj following a move to New York City in early 2000s’ where he played an integral part in NYC’s then burgeoning mutant disco scene. Lee released several solo Ep’s and Collaborations with Lovefingers, Justin Vandervolgen and LIES Ron Morelli, Before landing on Veronica Vasickas MinimalWave/Cititrax where Lee foregrounded his techno influences unleashing the landmark Kino i Ep, Followed by Gutz Ep, and the track Mutter for VA Cititrax Vol 1. Most recently a collaboration with Alessandro Adriani is to be included on Mannequin Records 100th release anniversary compilation « Waves of the Future » along with Silent Servant, Ron Morelli, and Beau Wanzer.

Whilst An-I focuses on punk affected iterations of techno, Lee’s DJ sessions are capable of leading and elevating dance floors through various states of mind. Lee can confidently inspire moods and states of abandon only enabled by the experience gained from over two decades of digging and piloting dance floors globally.


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