Anatolian Weapons


DJ and producer from Athens, Greece. Resident of the legendary Astron Bar. Started releasing music more that a decade ago with critical acclaim locally and abroad. Past and forthcoming releases on Dark Entries, Emotional Response, Beats In Space, Dekmantel, Lux Rec, Lurid Music and more.

Fans of his music include Lena Willikens (who included one of his tracks for her Selectors compilation on Dekmantel), Phuong Dan, Vladimir Ivkovic, Alexis Le Tan, Optimo, Manfredas and more. His Fantastikoi Hxoi moniker focuses on traditional music from the greater region of Greece, while Anatolian Weapons is more focused on slo-mo trance and global music, always in a psychedelic mindset. Dream Weapons is reserved for harder EBM/Acid stuff.

Highly prolific with podcasts, his recent Digital Tsunami mixed was picked by Groove Magazin as one of the best for November 2018, along with a flattering review.


Label : Dekmantel – Dark Entries – Emotional Response – Crevette

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