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« Tropical showers, distant waves, exotic tribal instruments played against restless island chatter – on any given day one might find these background noises accompanying some soothing New Age music; except this ain’t such a day. Rather, this is the sort of reality one unwittingly stumbles into in a somewhat altered state of consciousness. Here, a sense of urgency lurks close by; the sonic map of the surrounding acoustics is building up to one of quickened heartbeats and bated breath amidst an uncomfortable and unfamiliar humidity, as if an ancient civilization is on the verge of awakening. One could almost feel the damp heat of the rainforest replacing the air with the advent of each uneasy beat.

(…) Way back in 2008, Thompson was already making music as one half of Spectral Empire, a duo act with fellow Brit Kyle Martin. Since then, and in between his solo creations as Black Merlin, he has collaborated with partners under no less than
two other guises (Kommune, Karamika). His musical catalogue is nothing short of spectacular, having released on such diverse labels as Bird Scarer Records, LN-CC, Common Thread, Crimes of the Future, SORN, ESP Institute, Boysnoize Records and Jealous God, among others.(…) Any bid to decode this artist and reduce him to a mere label for one’s own categorizing convenience would be a futile endeavor; it’s akin to a cynic’s vain attempt to deconstruct and unravel one magician’s trick: you’ll likely come off none the wiser and risk missing out on the pure and simple appreciation of his art form. Much better to let each of his music pieces speak for itself. »


Labels : Island Of The Gods / Pinkman / Jealous God / Berceuse Heroique

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