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With an incisive ear and serenading supreme stacks within his wax ar- senal, Myn, founder of Public System Recordings, enlivens a natural

understanding of principal floor functions. He is able to carry out circumferential experi- mentations while still driving through to the membrane of what a dancer’s ear desires. Industrial beat-tech with an overhanging neutral earthy value, with EBM, minimal wave, electro and acid nuances. The curation of his prolific label exhibits his taste in aural oddity and his proclivity for betting on winners early. With the first V/A compilation brought

about “Cold Vision Era” under his Myn alias that began building toward what he now in- fects upon each release. He hosts a monthly show on Rinse France where he invites grail after grail within the deviant scene with guests as Nick Klein, Eindkrak, Elena Sizova, Phuong-Dan, Philip Berg, Job Sifre, Wosto, Trenton Chase, Identified Patient, Black Seed…

In 2018, he makes a strong indication of a rising future with his first full length EP ” The Violent Poetry ” on the gilded classic factory Pinkman label.


Label : Public System Recordings / Pinkman

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