Nick Klein


Nick Klein is from West Palm Beach, Florida and briefly studied sculpture and performance in Miami, Florida. Klein is currently based between Brooklyn, New York and Providence, Rhode Island. Since his time in New York his practice has shifted to a sound based effort, with focus on the potential of a democratic dialogue platform through electronic music, scale in volume, and the active role of touring performer. In 2015 Klein devoted a majority of the year touring through the United States, Canada, and Eastern Europe. He co-facilitates the label Primitive Languages with collaborator Miguel Enrique Alvariño and has been put out previously by labels Private Archive, Ascetic House, Angoisse, Summer Isle, and Unknown Precept. Klein recorded “The Lonesome Dealer”, his second solo 12″ EP, for Alter in 2016 between London and Miami.


Labels : L.I.E.S. / Primitive Languages / Unknown Precept / Alter


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