Cofounder of Antinote label, IUEKE was raised in a family where you were either a musician or an architect. At 8 years old, he flies to London to live with his father in law, member of the legendary experimental post-punk band The Heat. He will soon work in a reggae studio and record his first mixes. He is at the time an adept of squats and rave culture, djing with different crews such as the Spiral Tribe. Around 25, he starts studies in electroacoustic music and quits slowly the techno made for dancefloors. Becoming an « antiquaire » of vinyls, he then continues to dj notably a few times with Tolouse Low Trax at the now famous Salon des amateurs in Düsseldorf.

Crossing the road of Zaltan in a parisian bar, the 2 will soon create Antinote and put into light the old tapes of IUEKE, which will be the first release of the label : Tape 1. He is actually preparing an album to be released on Editions Gravats, another great french imprint.


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