Jean-Luc is a Berlin-Fribourg-Vienna based band, even though Jean-Luc might be french. Under his tonelle, Jean-Luc listens to a krautrock cassette on his Sanyo MR-410 while sipping some grenache-carignan.
Jean-Luc doesn’t like clichés, that’s why it’s impossible to find one of him on the web. Jean-Luc’s big toenail dug a hole through the fabrik of his right espadrille while dancing drunk in the Spartacus in 1994 to a song from Beate Bartel and Chrislo Haas. Instead of sewing it up, Jean-Luc hang the espadrille to his wall as a reminder to do a hommage to that song one day.

Jean-Luc just released on Knekelhuis a debut EP named « Des litres d’essence », because he really likes the smell of gasoline, especially when it’s burning in the streets of a big metropolis.


Labels : Knekelhuis


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