UVB76 is the Paris-based electronic duo of GaÎtan Bizien ó graphic designer and video artist ó and Tioma Tchoulanov ó sound designer and musicology student.
The two artists have been mixing new media and electronic music since 2014.
Combining IDM, noise, techno and experimental music with contemporary visuals, the duo has gained a solid reputation with their powerful live shows.
With their disk artworks, videoclips and live projections, UVB76 brings in a complex and cinematic universe, based on various cultural influences.

Since their first EP, ìEnter 513,î was released in 2015, the two musicians have staged their live acts in art centres, universities, big festivals and underground clubs in cities including Paris, Vancouver, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Their first album ëSANí is a good proof of their skills ; melting industrial infused noises, opera singer Mari Suzuki vocals and traditional asian music.
They also manage the record label and parties OKVLT since 2013.


Labels : Teenage Menopause Records / Midi Deux

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