Vactrol Park

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Vactrol Park are Guido Zen and Kyle Martin, two producers based in a Hawaiian themed laboratory-come-studio in East London.

With many back projects, they make up two of the three members of Brain Machine and have collaborations as Gamers in Exile, Land of Light, and Spectral Empire, to name a few.

Their compositions are painstakingly created on an array of self-soldered modular synthesisers, drum machines and effects.  The duo have previously aired their work on two well received EPs (titled ‘I’ and ‘II’) released by Lovefinger’s ESP Institute, and are featured on Throne of Blood’s Moon Rock 4 compilation.

With live sets of narcotized techno described by some as ‘Heroin House’; the bpm clocks in around the mechanical pulse of 100 or 110. Their deep, bone-shaking, sonic journeys are performed using the same home-soldered equipment – and are mostly improvised, making each live rendering an almost unique occurrence.
Their next release is planned on Malka Tutti around June 18.


Picture : Garry Hensey


Label : ESP Institute


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